Taurus PT 809 C 9 mm
Taurus PT 809 C 9 mm
Taurus PT 809 C 9 mm

Taurus PT 809 C 9 mm

Vapnet är licenspliktigt och kan levereras först efter att licens beviljats av Polismyndigheten i ditt län.




Beställningsvara (8-10 dagar)

6 400 kr

från 295 kr/måninkl. moms


The Taurus 809 C is currently one of the most advanced handguns on the market. Based on the highly successful Taurus OSS, which was designed for the US military, this pistol from the Taurus 800 series offers a so-called "strike two" option. If the primer does not go off, the 800 series automatically switches to double action mode. Pulling the trigger again strikes the primer a second time. If the round goes off the second time, the gun switches back to single action mode. If the cartridge does not go off the second time it is struck, it must be replaced manually.

  • "Strike Two" system
  • Novak-style sights
  • Polymer grip piece
  • Fixed Novak-style sights.
  • Steel polymer design.
  • Barrel length: 84 mm
  • Weight: 895 g.
  • Magazine capacity: 13 rounds.