SOG Tactical Tomahawk
SOG Tactical Tomahawk
SOG Tactical Tomahawk

SOG Tactical Tomahawk





Beställningsvara (8-10 dagar)


Totallängd: 40 cm

Vikt: 679 g

Stål: 420

Handtag: Plats

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SOG - Extraordinary Tools & Blades: The name of the company SOG from Washington State which was founded in 1986 goes back to a special unit of the US Army. This special force was responsible for covert operations. Originally, SOG was an acronym for "Studies and Observation Group". In order to meet the enormous requirements of elite units, all SOG knives are designed for the harshest field conditions. The legendary Vietnam tomahawk experiences a renaissance as a multi-functional application tool. The sturdy axe head of 420 steel comprises a black oxide layer. The synthetic shaft absorbs a large part of the impact energy and thus protects the hand of the user. Whether you need it for opening a shed, breaking glass, chopping wood or hammering - the approved shape of the axe head guarantees an outstanding success.