Real Steel E802 Horus
Real Steel E802 Horus
Real Steel E802 Horus

Real Steel E802 Horus NYHET!






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The Egyptian god Horus, who was God of heaven, war and hunting, lends his name to this knife. This sets the benchmark for the German designer Uli Hennicke and Real Steel Knives. The blade is made of 14C28N steel and is exactly 94 millimeters long. At its end, the blade curves slightly and elegantly like the rays of a sunset. This gives the knife a modern blade guide, which determines one of the longest blades of its class from tip to ball bearing. The handles are made of G10, the knife is held together by two Torx screws, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance without compromising stability. These aesthetic properties give the user an ease in the use of Horus. The liner lock with 101-Safety is easily accessible.

Totallängd: 21,8 cm

Bladlängd: 9,4 cm

Vikt: 145 g

Bladtjocklek: 3,5 mm