Extrema Ratio Curvo

Extrema Ratio Curvo





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The CORVO is a traditional Chilean Army combat knife. Its origins are mysterious: it did probably arrive in the New World with the Spanish Conquistadores, who had already appreciated it during the war against the Moors. It shows undoubted affinities with Jambiya, the traditional Arab knife still used nowadays as a Yemen male clothing accessory. CORVO has been used during the War of the Pacific. It was produced in several versions such as: the Curved Corvo with the blade bending at almost 90° and the Corvo Atacameño which is longer but with a gentler bending of the blade for a higher flexibility during use. Extrema Ratio has been inspired by this second version.

  • Totallängd: 30,6 cm
  • Bladlängd: 17,6 cm
  • Vikt: 362 g
  • Bladtjocklek: 6,3 mm