CRKT Kangee T-Hawk

CRKT Kangee T-Hawk





Beställningsvara (8-10 dagar)

2 039 kr

från 119 kr/måninkl. moms


Totallängd: 34,9 cm

Vikt: 692 g

Bladtjocklek: 5,8 mm

Stål: SK-5

Handtag: Plast

Designer: Ryan Johnson

Tomahawks have proven themselves for military use for decades. There's no alternative as a universal tool for "somewhat heavier work". In the past 30 years, Ryan Johnson's designs have built a loyal following of fans who particularly appreciate his work. The Chogan and the Kangee T-Hawk are each made of a single piece of SK-5 carbon steel. The handle with its finger grips and easy-to-grip checkering offers plenty of opportunities to grasp the Hawk at different positions, always ensuring a maximum of functionality. The plastic handles can be removed for cleaning. Both versions are delivered with first-class, MOLLE compatible Kydex sheaths. The belt with a plastic quick-lock closure always keeps the ax readily accessible. With spike.