Böker Tree Brand Green Canvas Micarta

Böker Tree Brand Green Canvas Micarta





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Micarta has long been a very popular material and is well established for use in the grip scales of sports and recreational knives.

Basically Micarta is a composite of supporting materials and resin. To make it, numerous layers of the carrier material (e.g. cotton) are soaked in an epoxy resin. After the resin has been cured, it is ground to the desired shape, emphasising the beautifully patterned grain of the material.

The handles of the new Tree Brand straight razor are made of Canvas Micarta, a particularly attractive form of the material. The carrier material consists of many layers of sail cloth, which has been impregnated with phenolic resin. The typical, natural-looking linen structure resurfaces during the finishing process.

Green Micarta not only looks good, it also offers tremendous functional benefits. The material is extremely durable and guarantees a secure and comfortable grip, even with wet hands.

The 4/8 inch wide blade is made of best quality Solingen razor steel (especially good edge retention, not stainless) and with its traditional hollow ground blade it is designed for professional use.

Entirely made by hand in the Böker knife factory in Solingen. Including historical etching on the blade and an authentic Böker stamp on the blade passage. Supplied with certificate of authenticity in historical packaging.