Böker Plus SanYouGo
Böker Plus SanYouGo
Böker Plus SanYouGo
Böker Plus SanYouGo

Böker Plus SanYouGo

Designad av Jesper Voxnæs. Knivblad av Sandvik 12C27 stål och handtag av G10. Levereras med en läderslida.





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Totallängd: 14,2 cm

Bladlängd: 8,4 cm

Vikt: 70 g

Bladtjocklek: 2 mm

"Everywhere people cook" - and everywhere people eat. The SanYouGo by Jesper Voxnaes reduces a classic Santoku to the bare essentials. This concept reveals itself at first touch: The classic fingering of a Santoku where thumb and index finger hold the blade in the front area, harmonizes perfectly with the short handle that comfortably lies in the palm of your hand and that is held by middle finger and ring finger. As a result, it provides an excellent amount of grip and control when cutting. Due to the included leather sheath (without belt loop), it allows for risk-free transport to a joint cooking at a friend's house, to a picnic, to a vacation trip or whatever your plans might be. Contrary to the catalogue description, the blade is made out of stainless 12C27 from Sweden. Includes grip-enhance black G-10 handle scales with red fiber underlays.