Böker Plus K.I.D. cal .50 Titan Flamed

Böker Plus K.I.D. cal .50 Titan Flamed

Tillverkad i aluminium eller titan. Använder Fisher Space Pen refills #Pr4.






Beställningsvara (8-10 dagar)

1 199 kr

från 70 kr/måninkl. moms


Totallängd: 10,9 cm

Vikt: 41-44 g

New from Thomas Braunagel's think tank: the shorter version of the popular cal. .45 CID. Significantly shorter, a littler thicker in circumference and with a traditional clip, the cal. .50 K.I.D. is very comfortable to grip and lies very in the hand while writing. The special format (one would speak of "robustness" with a cigar) makes this machined aluminum writing tool a real eye catcher. Here, the ingenious mechanism is a pure appeal to the male urge to play. Many a tough contract negotiation has been given a decisive turn by a cleverly inserted "click-clack" at the right moment. The special finish has a matte sheen and is very comfortable to hold.