Böker Plus Chicken Hawk
Böker Plus Chicken Hawk
Böker Plus Chicken Hawk

Böker Plus Chicken Hawk






Beställningsvara (8-10 dagar)

999 kr1 399 kr

från 58 kr/måninkl. moms


Totallängd: 23 cm

Vikt: 576 g

Bladtjocklek: 6,2 mm

Stål: 440C

Handtag: G-10

The knives from DJ Urbanovsky represent the successful synthesis of an exciting and entirely unique design, while at all times also featuring pronounced functionality. His first tomahawk is primarily characterized by its extreme compactness. At an overall length of barely 23 cm, the Chicken Hawk is significantly more versatile in terms of transportation and carrying options than a classically proportioned hawk. The included kydex sheath along with the also included belt cannot only be carried on the belt or the gear but also under the armpit. The ergonomically shaped handle not only supports classic hacking, but also permits a securely chocked grip for detailed work, be it for whittling, scraping or cutting. For maximum effectiveness, the axe head is also dressed along the top edge all the way to the eye. 6.3 mm thick 440C and high-strength G-10 scale make the Chicken Hawk into an essentially indestructible tactical tool. The concept is rounded out by the impact element formed on the pommel.