Böker Plus Carnivore
Böker Plus Carnivore
Böker Plus Carnivore

Böker Plus Carnivore





Beställningsvara (8-10 dagar)

1 699 kr

från 99 kr/måninkl. moms


Totallängd: 36,2 cm

Bladlängd: 6,4 cm

Vikt: 1.050 g

Stål: SK-5

Handtag: G-10

Jim Burke's past as a SWAT team member has placed him in countless situations where it was necessary to forcibly enter a room or building within seconds. His extensive experience from this, paired with his talent for knife design has now given us the ultimate entry tool, the Boker Plus Carnivore. Made from SK5 carbon steel, powder-coated and equipped with contoured G-10 scales, the Carnivore is almost frighteningly effective. Both the primary blade or the tip of the Carnivore are equally effective at working their way through a variety of materials. The slightly angular shape is the result of a bio-mechanical motion analysis conducted by Jim Burke together with a scientist in an attempt to obtain an optimum impact angle in relation to the motion. Shipped with kydex sheath.