Böker Damascus Pure Paring Knife
Böker Damascus Pure Paring Knife
Böker Damascus Pure Paring Knife

Böker Damascus Pure Paring Knife

Ett hantverk, designad av Jens Ansø, tillverkad av Damaskusstål från Chad Nichols i 250 lager samt handtag av sjödränkt ek. Levereras i en exklusiv låda.





Beställningsvara (8-10 dagar)

3 950 kr

från 182 kr/måninkl. moms


Totallängd: 18,9 cm

Bladlängd: 9,4 cm

Vikt: 60 g

Bladtjocklek: 1,5 mm

Unique. Authentic. Pure. Along with the 145th anniversary of the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen, the new kitchen knife series Damascus Pure marks a milestone in the history of Boker kitchen knives.

Made completely by hand, this unique work of knife art impresses every fan of high class cutting tools made in Solingen. Famous custom knifemaker Jens Ansø from Denmark created this puristic and extremely functional knife concept for Boker, in a traditional Scandinavian design.

The main focus of Jens Ansø was the demanding user. The result, in his collaboration with the Boker R&D team, is a knife series that combines superior function with a simple design and excellent ergonomics. In keeping with the high end concept, only the best quality materials were selected, which takes the functionality of this series one step further. The knives in this series are not meant for collector's pieces for the showcase - they are designed for daily use and downright demand it!

For many years, Boker has worked successfully with American Damascus forger Chad Nichols from Mississippi. Chad is one of the most innovative Damascus forgers worldwide and impresses the international knife community with his hand forged stainless Damascus steels. We chose him as the ideal partner for this demanding project when it came to the selection of the adequate blade material. The "Boomerang" pattern, with its unique and attractive appearance, consists of 250 layers of steel and is, due to the stainless properties, the perfect choice for a high end kitchen knife. The blades not only show an appealing, contrasting pattern, they are also razor sharp and well balanced, and will conquer any cutting task with ease.

Another impressive feature of this series is the handle material. The bog oak wood is not a "species" of wood, but oak logs, which laid in water or swamps for centuries and came up when the ponds or swamps dried out. Over this long period of time, the tannic acid of the wood reacts with the iron salts in the water, which results in a very high hardness and a handsome, deep brown coloring. This exquisite handle material harmonizes perfectly with the forged Chad Nichols Damascus blade.